BYU Religious Education Faculty and Alumni Awards Night

One of the things I love about my career as a pianist is that it takes me many places! A neat event that I was invited to perform at was the BYU Religious Education Faculty and Alumni Dinner/Awards Night! It was a fun opportunity because I got to perform with two of my beautiful sisters, Amanda and Lisa. They are both talented vocalists, and Amanda was even featured in my last album as a soloist and has appeared on my music videos as well!
It’s also a fun excuse to get dressed up (not in my day-to-day mommy wear!) and perform and share my music!


That night, I performed music from two of my albums. Some of the songs I played were one of my favorite piano solo arrangements, which is ‘A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief/Sweet Hour of Prayer.’ I also performed my arrangement ‘O My Father,’ where my two sisters sang a duet and I accompany on piano.


This event was particularly special because I was able to attend with my father, Alexander L. Baugh, who is a Religion Professor at BYU! So as a result, it was a family get-together! My father also has many amazing publications and his most recent are ‘A Reason For Faith: The Testimonies of the Book Of Mormon Witnesses’ and ‘The Joseph Smith Papers: Volume 4″


I love any chance to share my music, and being invited to perform at these type of events are just ‘icing on the cake’ for me! Thanks for letting me share!




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