School Supply Haul

School Supply Shopping & Tips

We’re officially on the countdown to school starting, and although we are sad to see our relaxed summer schedule come to an end, one of the things we look forward to this time of year is going shopping for school supplies!


The Dollar Store

This year, we started our shopping at The Dollar Store! We were able to find a lot if the supplies on my daughters lists, too! Madison and Taylor helped push the cart and keep track of their items on their lists! Some of the things we found there were tissue boxes, dry-erase markers, folders (sets of 2), pencils, pens, & pencil boxes.




After that we headed to Target to get the remaining items. Some of my daughters’ supplies were very specific (twistable colored pencils by Crayola to name an example) but we were able to find them there! We also found everything in the ‘back to school section’ so it made it pretty efficient so we didn’t have to run around the entire store!
Madison’s favorite find was a bright pink patterned binder that she got to pick out! Taylor also picked out pink tissue boxes and pink folders!

Apparently my daughters take after me, and they thoroughly enjoy shopping in any form! It felt a little like Christmas with our lists out, too! We checked them twice and made sure to get everything the teacher required.




I have few tips for your shopping to make it a little smoother and enjoyable, too:
1. Make sure to have your list handy, and even try having your children be in charge of crossing off the items as you put them in your cart!
2. Try the Dollar Store first! They’ve actually got a lot of decent supplies and you can say ‘yes’ to your kids since it’s just a dollar, right?!
3. Take advantage of sales! Target was having a deal where you buy $30 worth of school supplies, and you get a $5 gift card back! We got to take advantage of that deal😄
4. Stick to the items on your list📝 Sometimes it’s tempting to go all out and buy all the fun,shiny and   coordinating scissors, tape dispensers, planners, and desk accessories—but it’s best to buy what’s needed on your list first!


I hope you all have a fun time getting ready for the school year to start! Happy shopping!


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