BB Styled Collab

Being a mother of 3 cute girls, I’m always on the lookout for cute clothes to doll them up–and that includes dresses, of course!

I was so excited for for my girls to sport these darling dresses from BB Styled!

One of the things that I liked about these dresses are their crochet back, isn’t that a cute detail?!

And they are perfect for this time of year with a slightly longer sleeve length!

Oh and did I mention they have plenty of sizes? My toddler and my 7-year-old match! Ava was so happy to match with her ‘big sis’! They even have ‘Mommy & Me’ options in different colors of this dress!

Taylor’s favorite feature was that she can spin in the dress, and this one passed the test!
You can find these dresses at their website, and they’re even on sale! Be sure to check out their other colors, too!

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