BYU Symposium

I had such a fun opportunity to perform at the Sidney  B. Sperry Symposium at BYU just recently! This is the annual symposium that is put on each year by the Brigham Young University Religious Education department,  and this year marked their 45th year!


In September I was asked by their committee to compose a piece of music for their keynote address that kicked off the symposium! I was asked to specifically compose an arrangement of hymn #1 in the LDS hymnbook, The Morning Breaks. It was a fun project for me to work on and I was able to get it completed and performance ready!

It ended up being a fun night! I had a great time performing in the Joseph Smith building Auditorium which was totally packed, there were even people sitting on the isles on the floor! How neat?!

Another highlight was being able to hear my father, Alexander L. Baugh, (Church History & Doctrine Department Chair) do a presentation on the history and doctrine of the Adam-ondi-Ahman revelation–it was amazing!

Here’s a few pictures of me at the symposium!


And here’s one of my father and I!


And this is me in the car on my drive down contemplating my performance! I’m a big fan of positive affirmations, so I was visualizing a successful performance!


I love these type of events and it was such an honor to be chosen to contribute to this wonderful symposium!

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