What Is The Big Project?


ITS ALMOST HERE!!!! Hey everyone, I just really wanted to say how thankful I am for a couple things today! And one of those things is one of my latest projects releasing TOMORROW! I have alluded to this project but I wanted to finally let you know what it is! It’s a music video in honor of Thanksgiving, and it’s set to hymn arrangement of mine of ‘For The Beauty of the Earth,’ a traditional Thanksgiving hymn!

I want to share this with you tomorrow, and I invite you to listen to the song and enjoy the music video with your family and loved ones! I hope that as you watch and listen, that it will be an uplifting addition to your day of thanks!

Just picture your family gathering together and listening to upbeat music as you discuss what you’re thankful for!

I’ll have it up on my YouTube channel tomorrow, so it’s free access and you can listen to it as much as your heart desires!

I’d also love to hear what YOU are thankful for, so if you could leave a comment on this post or on my music video YouTube comments, I would love to read all about it!

*** and don’t forget to enter the giveaway which is a $50 gift card to Sweet Salt Clothing Company!! See my Instagram to enter!***

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