I love this magical time of year! With the wonderful Christmas initiative given by LDS church to #lighttheworld this month, I’m so excited to find different ways that we can serve and help others, and in essence ‘light the world’!

I’d like to share my music video, and the thing that I wanted to focus on to help light the world is being thankful! There are so many things to be thankful for! There are so many gifts for us given by our God! Recently I was challenged to write down 15 things a day that I am grateful for and it has really help me! For the past week I have been feeling ill and have not been able to take care of my children and a husband and house and myself like normal. I know I will get better, but I have been so grateful for all the help and for my neighbors and friends and family and husband that have stepped in to help carry the load well I have not felt well!

Yesterday my husband took our youngest daughter to work with him and helped me with whatever I needed as far as medicine and food so that I could rest.

Today one of my best friends came by and brought me lunch and brightened my day!

Today my sister offered to take my three-year-old so she could have fun with her cousins and so that I can focus on resting and getting better!

Last night my neighbor called me because she knew something was wrong because my husband’s truck was home during the day and that’s usually not the case!

Earlier this week my visiting teacher brought over dinner!

I have just felt so much support and love even though it’s hard for me to say yes to that sometimes! I am very grateful for and thankful for all these acts of service!

When I get well I will be sure to pay it forward and to try to light the world in my own way in gratitude and thankfulness.

But for now I would like to share this video with you as a gift! I encourage you to look around and see how you can light the world today!


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