How I Started Writing Music Again

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I’m really excited to do a post on one of my passions in my life….music! Ever since I was 5 years old (and actually even younger as I discover old family videos of me singing little children’s songs and such) I have had a love for music! It is just in me! It’s also a big part of my family. Even my parents met in University Choir, where my mom was playing the piano!

What can I say, it was meant to be, right?

I think the thing I really love about music is how it can affect us. I love that it connects us and that I can share parts of me that are very personal, but yet very deep and important. Music helps me to express my creativity, and also allows me to have my ‘outlet.’ I can always turn to it, whether I want to have fun dancing with my kids, or listen to a motivitating song as I work out, or if I want to tune my thoughts to higher things. 

As we turn on our radios, or play our itunes playlists, I feel like more and more, our music choices are turning towards what the media wants to promote, such as immoral lyrics, questionable subject matters, and profane language. 

Contrary to this trend, when I write music, my end goal is to uplift and inspire! A majority of my arrangements and music compositions are religious in nature, but I always try to keep it upbeat and flowing so anyone could enjoy it, even if they’re not familiar with the original hymn, or not of my faith. I frequently do not include lyrics, since my music is often purely instrumental, and so the listener is free to enjoy the beautiful melody lines and different musical themes that I include in my arrangements.

Below is the video of one of the first songs that I wrote after I decided to start composing music again. I had gone on an extended ‘break’ from writing music when I was 12 and decided to study piano more seriously. I used to compose music all the time on the piano and my Mom even helped me write down my music and has saved my little songs from when I was young! After making the decision to study classical piano, that eventually led to me down the path to receiving a degree in Piano Performance from BYU, which I will always be so grateful for! Not long after I graduated, I was playing in my church’s ward choir as the pianist, and I had the idea to try to write some of my own arrangements. After submitting some of my songs to record labels in Utah, I was fortunate enough to have Covenant Communications, which is owned by Deseret Book, sign me as an artist and I have since created three albums! 

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts and feelings about music and what it means to me! I hope you enjoy the song and that you become more uplifted and inspired and happy after you listen to it, Because that’s the real reason for music.



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