My New Fitness Hobby


So a few months ago, I went to my gym to try out a new class. I had looked at the class schedule I had on my fridge, and decided to try it out. Well, when I arrived, I realized that I had the schedule I had referred to was out of date! So since I had a babysitter all lined up, and I was already at the gym, I decided to attend the yoga class! Why not?!

That’s how I stumbled upon my new fitness hobby! 

And boy was that a happy mistake though, because I ended up loving the class and the teachers, and I kept going! 

The yoga bug had bit me! 

My friend, Jesse, who is very athletic herself, would go with me almost every week depending on our busy mommy schedules! It’s been really fun to gain more flexibility and strength while practicing my new favorite fitness hobby! I’ve even introduced my daughters to yoga, and we all like to practice kids yoga videos on youtube for fun! They love it, too!

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to receive private instruction from an amazing and dynamic teacher, Ali! I’d like to let you know a little about her….While she is not practicing yoga, she teaches French at East High School. She also teaches paddleboard yoga, amazing right?! With her extensive knowledge and skill which includes 17 years experience as a yoga instructor, along with her fun personality, practicing with her is a delight! She really knows how to make you work and challenge yourself!

I’m really excited to continue my yoga practice and see where it takes me! What’s your fitness hobbies and interests? What do you find inspiring in regards to your fitness routines?

I hope you enjoy these pictures that we took for fun at the end of our session! It was a blast! Thanks to Lisa (my sister), and Jesse (my awesome friend) for being such amazing yogi’s, too! 

Namaste🙏 and XOXO,


*If you’d like to contact Ali about a private yoga instruction session, or a small group yoga session, you can contact her at, Folllow her on Instagram @butterflyogini, or on Facebook, Ali MillsIMG_1479IMG_1475IMG_1505IMG_1515IMG_1483

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