Lord I Would Follow Thee Music Video

My latest music video project was really fun! I invited my friend Sara, to join back up with me for the shooting of this video. I’d like to mention that Sara is so extremely talented and I feel so lucky to get to work with her! She recently got accepted to Juilliard and will be attending there to get her masters degree!
I also have the opportunity to work with an awesome videographer named Aubree from A & M Life Productions! She was really professional and had some great ideas for different angles and was able to add in her artistic references, which you’ll notice in the music video.
Another fun part of this project was when Sara and I got to get all dolled up! The morning of the shoot we had a blast with Madelynne who created our look–she styled our hair and did our make up. Can I tell you how much fun it is to get your hair and makeup done?! Plus she was giving me tips and I was asking her questions on make up tricks!
To add to this was the clothing that I wore for the music video, which was so kindly provided by Journey 5 clothing company. I have known about their clothes since last year when my friend Laura introduced me to them.  I actually used one of their dresses in a previous music video, too! One of the reasons that I love this clothing company is because they provide modest selections, yet they are so adorable! I always get asked where I get my outfit when I am wearing their clothes!
I feel very fortunate to be able to do fun projects like this, and it’s really enriching to be able to involve so many people! I love connecting with people and I love how my music gives me a chance to do that! I hope you enjoy this music video that I’m sharing with you!



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