Budget Friendly Style Finds

So the other day, I was visiting with my family and one of my cute sisters ( I have 3!) was asking me where I got my shirt. She mentioned that she has noticed that I have a knack for finding fun wardrobe pieces for a good deal. The thought had never occurred to me, but as she asked me if I knew of any other websites similar to where I had purchased my shirt, I realized that I had to share some of my go-to places!
Here’s some fun sites that I told my sister about, and I’d like to share them with you, too!
This is the navy floral print shirt that my sister commented on. I found it for a steal here for only $19.99 and FREE shipping (plus tax)!
It’s really a cute fit and the print is easy to coordinate with casual or more dressy looks. Here I just tucked it in half-way to my jeans, and paired it with some spring sandals. Love! (I don’t know why I’m not smiling, I must have been concentrating, haha!)
So my sister went on to ask me about another outfit she had seen me wear on Easter, and again, I let her in on my fashion finds! I found this skirt at Journey 5. They are an online clothing store that I’ve liked ever since my friend, Laura, told me about them last year! Here’s the darling bird skirt that I wore:
It is such a great piece for a couple reasons, besides being adorable! It has a chrome silver zipper, it’s lined, and it has elastic in the waistband so it’s super comfy, which comes in handy when I’m keeping up with my little girls! You can’t beat the price, and to top it off, it’s modestly designed! I really appreciate finding a piece that has style, yet is not too short!
I hope you like these budget-friendly pieces, and be sure to check out their websites for other fun looks as you’re building your summer wardrobe!
*The skirt may be sold out, so be sure to check out their other similar items!

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