Summer Series – Taylor’s Nutritious Lemonade

Here at our house, we’ve really dove head-first into summer! I think I’ve been as excited as my kids that we are officially out of school! We’ve been swimming, going on hikes, and playing outside as much as the weather permits! (Be sure to check out my blog post on 10 indoor activities for kids when the weather isn’t cooperating though!)

Since we have been outside so much, it’s important to keep those little ones hydrated! One of our favorite drinks this summer is fresh lemonade! It’s my daughter, Taylor’s, favorite summer drink! She enjoys it so much that she asks to make it, and I totally let her go for it! Taylor even made a short video of her making her favorite recipe for lemonade. We don’t use refined sugar too much at our house, so we’ve been using Stevia as the sweetener, and my kids love the taste!

Here’s the recipe for Taylor’s Nutritious Lemonade (as she calls it, so cute huh!)

  • 4 cups water
  • juice of one large lemon
  • 2 -4 TBS of Stevia or more to taste
Directions: Mix all the ingredients together, add more sugar or lemon if needed, have a great day!
This recipe is easy enough that your little ones could help you, or do it themselves! You could even have them do their own video, too! Taylor thought it was so fun and she was so happy to share her recipe! I hope you enjoy it, too! Happy summer!

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