4th Of July – SwimZip Collaboration



Isn’t the Fourth of July such a fun and patriotic holiday?! We had a great weekend filled with family, friends, food, and fireworks!! So you can bet we had a fun time!


One thing my family likes to do is to is head to the pool and get together for a family swim day over the holiday! So yesterday we all went swimming! Even grandma and grandpa got to come with us!


Before we get in the pool I always make sure to spray my kids with natural sunscreen and then I feel like they’re protected from getting burned. My little Ava Jade always puts up a fuss because she is so excited to jump in the water! But yesterday she only had to get a quick sunscreen on her face, because I found this adorable new swimwear line from SwimZip! Their swimsuit material is 50 SPF, and it covers and fits perfectly! Ava was so excited to wear her new ‘suit-suit’ (swim suit in 2-year-old language) because she like the colors and the cute little ruffles and ties!

I liked it because of the sun protection and the cute material is very substantial, so my baby won’t wear it out by the end of the summer!

Next week we’re headed to the lake and I’m sure to pack this suit for my little one!


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Keep making fun memories the summer with your families!



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