Happy Birthday To…ME!


So It’s my birthday!!! Here we go 33! Yep, I’ve got another birthday notch in my belt and I’m now up to 33! That’s so weird because I don’t think of myself as that age! Anyways, to celebrate I actually wanted to give away a ‘gift’! I wanted to put all of my sheet music on my website on sale for $1! That includes my Christmas Songs, Women’s Trio, Violin & Piano Duet, and more! So go ahead and splurge, since it’ll only be available at that price for a limited time!

Also, I’d like to share a music video of one of my favorite arrangements, ‘Jesus, Lover Of My Soul.’ It was one of the first songs that I wrote when I began writing music again, so it is special to me! I hope you enjoy listening to this, and hopefully you can feel the message of love in the music.

Thanks for your support and love, especially on my birthday….it’s extra special!


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