Playroom Organization

Here in Utah fall has arrived and the weather has started to cool just this week! With the change in the weather I was inspired to take on a project which I have been meaning to get to all summer–that is cleaning and organizing the playroom!


This was definitely on my to-do list right now because as the weather gets cooler my kids will need to have a place to play inside! Don’t get me wrong–they love to be outside as much as they can but some days it’s just too cold!

So I got to work! I headed to Target to find some additional storage that would help me get things organized. I happily happened to find some awesome deals on some tangerine colored storage bins, and I also found a matching large fabric bin! They were on clearance for $4.98 for the square ones and the large bin was $6.98! Great deal right, especially for their size!


Here’s the before picture….. I am proud to say that my kids did that all by themselves! They kind of stopped wanting to go down there after a while and I don’t blame them, it was like a tornado hit!


After an afternoon of sorting and purging, I was able to get everything in bins which I feel like is key to organizing and keeping things looking neat!

Here is the after picture……… ta-dah!!!! Things really came together after adding in the cute tangerine color and organizing the existing toys on the shelving units.


I had my kids come down and see the finished product, and I know they loved it because they didn’t want to leave! We are going to try to keep everything picked up after we are done so it doesn’t look like the before picture again, ha ha! But at least we have revamped their interest in the playroom!

Good luck on your organization projects this fall! It’ll feel so great once you accomplish your goals, and your family will appreciate it to!


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