Favorite Music | Sheet Music Sale


You know what music I’ve been listening to lately while I’m cleaning or just around the house? I found an amazing station on Pandora that’s purely instrumental music, and I’m loving it! Its such a fun style, and I like how upbeat it is!

What’s your current favorite music & genres right now? Is there any new artist you’ve recently discovered that you connect with?

Well whatever your particular taste, one style that is universally enjoyed is inspiring music! Speaking of inspirational music, I wanted to let you all know about a special offer I have to share! I will be extending the sale on my website for sheet music, and if you want to purchase the music it will be available at a significant discount–only $1 per song!

Right now I currently have inspirational piano solos, piano & violin duets, and vocal & piano ensembles to choose from!

Please share this with your friends who would be interested in this limited offer, too! Enjoy!


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