First Week Back To School Tips

Typical student desk with notebook and crayons

Well we did it! We went back to school, and we made it through the first week—whew! My kids were actually really excited to go back, especially with all their back-to-school shopping! So here’s a few tips that I’d like to share on how we eased back into the school routine, and also a few tips utilize organization to help keep the momentum going!

Setting Schedules  

During the summer, we seriously had a free-for-all when it came to bedtime! Some days were good, and others, we stayed up late, especially since the sun didn’t go to bed until 9:30! So it was a move to get on a sleeping schedule and routine! At our house, we are implementing a 9:00 bedtime, and we wake up between 6:30-7:00 a.m. This can look different for everyone depending on your ages and own personal preferences, but it’s nice to be consistent, and then eventually your body naturally develops a waking/sleeping rhythm!

Also, it’s important to set your schedules for all of your extra-curricular activities. For us we plan a schedule around dance classes, homework tutoring, activity days(our church’s children’s activities) piano lessons, and my personal piano studio. So keeping track of what happens on what days is certainly important in setting up your schedules.


Routines are also helpful! We have a routine where after dinner, someone practices the piano, and the other helps with dishes and dinner clean-up. The kids know what to expect, and then it’s not a fight. It’s just a routine–what we do all the time! Bedtime routines are also helpful, especially if you do the same thing in the same order every night. For us, it’s brush teeth, pick our outfits for the next day, quick room clean-up, read scriptures, say prayers, and then bed. 


One thing that I like to do this time of year is to pick a project or two that has to do with organization. My recent projects were going through all of my girls clothing and storing or donating things that are too small or out of season, and then clearing out their closets and dressers for new clothing that fits and is in season. My other project is cleaning and organizing the toy room. For me, picking one or two projects is easier to handle and not be overwhelming, rather than saying that I’m going to organize the entire house–which is not realistic right?

Other Tips

Some other things I’d like to share on this time of year is to just have a day of no activities. I know, I just said ‘no activities.’ But the reason is, we do need down time! This time of year with school starting, it can be refreshing to have nothing planned on the calendar for the day. Try it and see if it makes a difference!

I hope you have fun coming up with your own routines, schedules, and organization projects this time of year, and be sure to try out some of these tips to help transition smoothly back into school!



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