Sharing my winter favs ❄️

I’m so excited to share about some of my favorite outfits this winter! ❄️ After recently having a baby, I really appreciate a comfy yet cute outfit!

That’s why I was SO happy to find these cute black solid leggings and darling blush sweater! ( below 👇🏻)


I wish you could feel how soft and velvet-y these leggings are!! The sweater is super warm, too, which is awesome since I’m always freezing here in Utah! I’ve been pairing these black solid leggings  with everything! They’re seriously my new favs!



The other awesome thing about these black solid leggings  is their price! They’re only $7.95—What?! I know!

And since I love sharing with all of you, I’m happy to add icing on the cake! You get a coupon code: AMY10 to get 10% off your order!


Black solid leggings:

SA Exclusive Black Solid Leggings


Kristin Cable Knit Sweater

So make sure to load up on all the other cute stuff since it’s such a good deal! I’ll be posting more fav items from in the next few weeks so be sure to keep a lookout!

Stay warm and comfy this winter loves!


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