Hayleez Designs Young Women’s Bracelet


I am always a sucker for a beautifully made piece of jewelry, but when it has meaning and a beautiful message, it’s even better!

The theme for the Youth in our church this year is ‘Ask of God-Ask in Faith’ which comes from James 1:5-6.
This delicate bracelet by Hayleez Designs features this theme on charming gold discs, and has red-beaded stretchy band.
I adore the little tassels, they add such a cute touch!
I love how Haylee incorporates a cute design with a beautiful message and reminder!
This would be a great gift for a ‘New Beginnings’  or youth fireside as well!

KIAVA Fitness Clothing


So earlier this year I officially began training to get my YTT 200 (yoga teacher training 200 hour)! I’ve been practicing yoga for a while now and was ready to take it to the next level, so to speak! 

I’m constantly in workout clothes, and as a result, I’m often on the lookout for cute and functional fitness wear. So when I came across the KIAVA clothing line, I was so excited! It’s a perfect combination of functionality and great design! 

A favorite piece of mine is this apricot sports bra–not only is it such a fun and bright color, it’s so comfy!! I also am such a fan of the strappy braided back, ah! So cute huh! 

Thanks KIAVA for making such an awesome fitness line! 


Shedo Lane Activewear


As you may know, one of my passions in my life is fitness and specifically yoga!  For a year now I have been practicing yoga and it has been so amazing, I just can’t get enough!

Well I’m happy to announce that I’m teaming up with Shedo Lane, who has an amazing line of activewear!
One of my favorites is their darling top that is made out of bamboo and is SO amazingly soft!
It  features  long sleeves,  thumb holes,  and a peekaboo back,  which will definitely keep you cool while you’re working out! I even tied it in the back for another cute look!
Oh and did I mention it’s 50 SPF material?!  So you could even wear it to the beach as a cover-up,  or on a jog!
I can’t wait to get my yoga on in this top!
Enjoy loves!


noVae Clothing

Lately I’ve been on the lookout for  some warm and cute tops for the season!  It’s been pretty chilly in Utah,  which calls for sweaters and flannels!
Speaking of flannels I recently happened to find the cutest, and I must add warmest,  flannel top from noVae Clothing! 
This top is a tunic and it has a fun roll-tab detail on the sleeve!  So you can wear it as a long sleeve as well!
I wish you could feel how soft and warm this fabric is!  It is really high-quality– it’s super thick and substantial!
My favorite way to style this is with some rolled up leggings and some wedges.  You could easily pair this with a quilted vest, or add a metallic belt to dress it up a little bit.
This would even be a fun casual look while you’re out getting your Christmas shopping done, too!
Stay warm and cute loves!


I love this magical time of year! With the wonderful Christmas initiative given by LDS church to #lighttheworld this month, I’m so excited to find different ways that we can serve and help others, and in essence ‘light the world’!

I’d like to share my music video, and the thing that I wanted to focus on to help light the world is being thankful! There are so many things to be thankful for! There are so many gifts for us given by our God! Recently I was challenged to write down 15 things a day that I am grateful for and it has really help me! For the past week I have been feeling ill and have not been able to take care of my children and a husband and house and myself like normal. I know I will get better, but I have been so grateful for all the help and for my neighbors and friends and family and husband that have stepped in to help carry the load well I have not felt well!

Yesterday my husband took our youngest daughter to work with him and helped me with whatever I needed as far as medicine and food so that I could rest.

Today one of my best friends came by and brought me lunch and brightened my day!

Today my sister offered to take my three-year-old so she could have fun with her cousins and so that I can focus on resting and getting better!

Last night my neighbor called me because she knew something was wrong because my husband’s truck was home during the day and that’s usually not the case!

Earlier this week my visiting teacher brought over dinner!

I have just felt so much support and love even though it’s hard for me to say yes to that sometimes! I am very grateful for and thankful for all these acts of service!

When I get well I will be sure to pay it forward and to try to light the world in my own way in gratitude and thankfulness.

But for now I would like to share this video with you as a gift! I encourage you to look around and see how you can light the world today!


For The Beauty Of The Earth

When I was deciding which inspirational hymns to arrange while I was writing my latest album, ‘They Call Me Sister: Music For Sister Missionaries,’ I knew I wanted to write an upbeat arrangement of the traditional Thanksgiving hymn, ‘For The Beauty Of The Earth!’ It’s one of my favorites! I wanted to write it in a way that celebrated the beautiful creations of the earth that God had made, and I felt that a fast and flowing tempo, and percussive style would help portray that!

I enlisted the talent of Nick Sales as the videographer, and we shot the film on the trailhead in the mountains of Pleasant Grove (my home town)! It was perfect weather although it was filmed in November! We found a beautiful stream on which to position the piano, and the mountain backdrop served as the perfect setting!

I was fortunate enough to have Sweet Salt Clothing Company provide a lovely outfit, as well as AJ Designs who let me use the beautiful dress that had an organic harvest flair! 

I wanted to do this project to help share my thanks for God, His creations, and this special time of year.

This Thanksgiving I have really tried to have my family and I focus on the blessings that come from our Lord. I think that there is a difference from just being thankful, and being thankful to God and recognizing His hand in all things.

As you watch this music video I want to refer you to the beautiful lyrics of this song.             

‘For the beauty of the earth,
For the beauty of the skies,
For the love which from our birth
Over and around us lies

For the beauty of each hour
Of the day and of the night,
Hill and vale, and tree and flow’r,
Sun and moon, and stars of light,

For the joy of human love,
Brother, sister, parent, child,
Friends on earth, and friends above,
For all gentle thoughts and mild,

Lord of all to the we raise,
This our hymn of grateful praise.’

I encourage all of you to give thinks this Thanksgiving holiday, and throughout the year to our Lord who has provided us with this beautiful earth, and who is the source of all gifts and blessings.



What Is The Big Project?


ITS ALMOST HERE!!!! Hey everyone, I just really wanted to say how thankful I am for a couple things today! And one of those things is one of my latest projects releasing TOMORROW! I have alluded to this project but I wanted to finally let you know what it is! It’s a music video in honor of Thanksgiving, and it’s set to hymn arrangement of mine of ‘For The Beauty of the Earth,’ a traditional Thanksgiving hymn!

I want to share this with you tomorrow, and I invite you to listen to the song and enjoy the music video with your family and loved ones! I hope that as you watch and listen, that it will be an uplifting addition to your day of thanks!

Just picture your family gathering together and listening to upbeat music as you discuss what you’re thankful for!

I’ll have it up on my YouTube channel tomorrow, so it’s free access and you can listen to it as much as your heart desires!

I’d also love to hear what YOU are thankful for, so if you could leave a comment on this post or on my music video YouTube comments, I would love to read all about it!

*** and don’t forget to enter the giveaway which is a $50 gift card to Sweet Salt Clothing Company!! See my Instagram to enter!***

Sneak Peek – SSSHHHH!

One thing I love about my music is the fun projects that I get to create and be a part of! I don’t want to totally give it all away, but I have such an amazing project that I can’t wait to share when it’s all finished!

Here’s me playing dress-up!

For this project I was sponsored in part by Sweet Salt clothing company! This is one of the outfits that I wore! They were generous enough to let me pick out whatever pieces I wanted from their new winter line! I love the lace detail on the bottom of the shirt, and the skirt is plenty long and has a beautiful cream and black embroidered pattern!


Stay tuned to see what this project is all about!!!




With our family consisting of three beautiful daughters, Elsa and Anna are definitely among our top favorite characters (if not celebrity status) at our house!

When I came across this fantastic pop-up book, I knew that my daughters’ reading experience was going to be magical! And it was!

As you open the first page, the pop-up book reveals an intricate and ornate setting of Elsa and Anna as children. It even has multiple pop-ups and levers to pull on each page to make the characters move!

My favorite page is where Anna turns to ice defending her sister. Then the instruction says to pull the tab forward, and in doing so reveals an entire different setting up displays Anna return to her natural unfrozen state!

I wanted to give an honest review of this book, and there’s so many awesome and fun things about it! I really recommend it, and was impressed for sure!

The only thing I would say is that I would recommend this book for older children. Perhaps ages seven and up.The reason being that the pages are so detailed that it could be ripped, which would ruin it!

The only other thing I noticed when my girls were reading the book is that they kind of just wanted to play with the pop-ups after a while, rather than reading all the different text. So sometimes they just wanted to focus on pulling the fun tabs and seeing what popped up, and I get that!

Overall this is such a fun book for my daughters and even me! The sub-title of this book on the cover says ‘A Pop-Up Adventure’ and it definitely lived up to that title!