Cutest Blanket Ever – Saranoni


The cutest thing came in the mail the other day! It was a package from Saranoni, and inside was a darling gray & pink baby blanket!

I love how it came wrapped and tied in a sweet little satin ribbon! It just added to the ‘cute factor’! And the fabric is seriously so soft and smooth!

My seven-year-old now calls it her favorite blankey, and wraps up her American girl doll so she can cuddle! How fun is that?!

I think they get the cuddly thing from me–I absolutely love to get comfy and cuddle up in a blanket, especially this time of year–don’t you?

This would be a fun Christmas gift idea as well, tis the season right?!


Christmas Music


As a piano teacher, I always give my piano students Christmas pieces right after Halloween! For some reason I just can’t make myself give festive holiday piano pieces to them before the Halloween season has ended!

So now that it’s officially OK to start learning Christmas music, I wanted to share some of my sheet music Christmas arrangements for piano!

One of my favorite arrangements is a duet that combines two Christmas hymns together–Silent Night and The First Noel! It is such a neat combination! This duet is an intermediate level, but it sounds really impressive with the two parts together! You can purchase it here.

Another collection that I’d love to share is ‘Carol Encores’! This is the more advanced collection of Christmas pieces that I arranged and these are some of my favorite ones to play. I would recommend this for a late intermediate early advanced student or pianist.

And if you are ready to get your holiday playlist togetherness, here is a link to my Christmas album entitled ‘Piano Noel Classics‘! Enjoy!



BYU Symposium

I had such a fun opportunity to perform at the Sidney  B. Sperry Symposium at BYU just recently! This is the annual symposium that is put on each year by the Brigham Young University Religious Education department,  and this year marked their 45th year!


In September I was asked by their committee to compose a piece of music for their keynote address that kicked off the symposium! I was asked to specifically compose an arrangement of hymn #1 in the LDS hymnbook, The Morning Breaks. It was a fun project for me to work on and I was able to get it completed and performance ready!

It ended up being a fun night! I had a great time performing in the Joseph Smith building Auditorium which was totally packed, there were even people sitting on the isles on the floor! How neat?!

Another highlight was being able to hear my father, Alexander L. Baugh, (Church History & Doctrine Department Chair) do a presentation on the history and doctrine of the Adam-ondi-Ahman revelation–it was amazing!

Here’s a few pictures of me at the symposium!


And here’s one of my father and I!


And this is me in the car on my drive down contemplating my performance! I’m a big fan of positive affirmations, so I was visualizing a successful performance!


I love these type of events and it was such an honor to be chosen to contribute to this wonderful symposium!

Taralynn’s Boutique


Don’t you love it when you find a cute & versatile dress for your wardrobe? And it’s for a good price?? And it’s comfortable!?? Well I happened to find an adorable swing dress from Taralynn’s boutique that fits the bill!

The one that I found is actually for my daughter, who immediately loved it! She really liked the color and it looked so pretty with her blue eyes!

The cream stripe was a cute little detail to add some interest! I love the sweet crewneck, and the length of the hem hit just below her knee, which I appreciate for the modesty factor!

When it starts to get a little bit colder weather, we’re just going to pair the dress with some leggings and a cardigan for an easy transition through seasons!

*Note about Sizing: Madison is actually wearing a size small, and she is only 10 years old–but she’s on the taller side! So take that into account when you’re ordering. I usually order a small but would consider a medium in this dress!

Be sure to check out some more of their deals on their website! Happy shopping!


Family Photo Shoot

I know that I’ve shared a few of my sneak peeks of our family photos, but I wanted to show the rest from our day in the canyon!

First off, I absolutely love taking family pictures! I think it’s due to the fact that we are all dressed up, and we match, and our hair is done all simultaneously–and that’s quite an accomplishment for our family of 5!

I also enjoy that we all get to spend some time together! For our photo shoot, we went to American Fork Canyon, and it was an absolutely beautiful setting that day!

Our photographer, Aimee Carver, did an amazing job, too! I am a fan of her work, she has a beautiful style and loves capturing candid moments! And on top of that, she is also an amazing gal! Aimee was the photographer on a previous shoot of a product that I featured in the summer for SwimZip, which turned out so cute!

The girls did good, despite the cold weather that day. We let them explore for a while and Taylor found some vibrant leaves! Madison loved hiking up in the trees and searched for different kinds of flowers.

Miss Ava had a hard time smiling at first, and we had to hold her the entire time! Haha! But luckily the pictures still turned out great!

I plan to use these photos to make my yearly photo book, and to use them in our Christmas cards! So check that one off the list☑️!

Good luck with your family pictures!


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BB Styled Collab

Being a mother of 3 cute girls, I’m always on the lookout for cute clothes to doll them up–and that includes dresses, of course!

I was so excited for for my girls to sport these darling dresses from BB Styled!

One of the things that I liked about these dresses are their crochet back, isn’t that a cute detail?!

And they are perfect for this time of year with a slightly longer sleeve length!

Oh and did I mention they have plenty of sizes? My toddler and my 7-year-old match! Ava was so happy to match with her ‘big sis’! They even have ‘Mommy & Me’ options in different colors of this dress!

Taylor’s favorite feature was that she can spin in the dress, and this one passed the test!
You can find these dresses at their website, and they’re even on sale! Be sure to check out their other colors, too!

The Chloe Skirt

We are just loving this autumn season in Utah, and it’s arrived with all of its beautiful colors and cooler weather!

I’ve been sporting some of my favorite fall pieces which include cardigans, sweaters, scarves, jackets and boots!

I loved pairing one of my cardigans with this floral high-waist pencil skirt, called The Chloe Skirt, from Brooke and Em! It has rich colors and a darling, vibrant print that can be worn through multiple seasons! It paired perfectly with a short sleeve shirt for a summery look, but also went great with a cardigan for a fall style. They sent me this skirt and I instantly fell IN LOVE. It is the CUTEST shop, and have amazing deals going on right now. Check them out for sure!dsc_0086dsc_0093dsc_0141dsc_0157dsc_0171
Just look at the details, so cute huh!
It is so comfy, too, which is definitely a plus! (Just a side note…I usually wear a small but this was a medium so ladies, order a size up from your normal size to account for the slim fit!)
Happy Fall!

Playroom Organization

Here in Utah fall has arrived and the weather has started to cool just this week! With the change in the weather I was inspired to take on a project which I have been meaning to get to all summer–that is cleaning and organizing the playroom!


This was definitely on my to-do list right now because as the weather gets cooler my kids will need to have a place to play inside! Don’t get me wrong–they love to be outside as much as they can but some days it’s just too cold!

So I got to work! I headed to Target to find some additional storage that would help me get things organized. I happily happened to find some awesome deals on some tangerine colored storage bins, and I also found a matching large fabric bin! They were on clearance for $4.98 for the square ones and the large bin was $6.98! Great deal right, especially for their size!


Here’s the before picture….. I am proud to say that my kids did that all by themselves! They kind of stopped wanting to go down there after a while and I don’t blame them, it was like a tornado hit!


After an afternoon of sorting and purging, I was able to get everything in bins which I feel like is key to organizing and keeping things looking neat!

Here is the after picture……… ta-dah!!!! Things really came together after adding in the cute tangerine color and organizing the existing toys on the shelving units.


I had my kids come down and see the finished product, and I know they loved it because they didn’t want to leave! We are going to try to keep everything picked up after we are done so it doesn’t look like the before picture again, ha ha! But at least we have revamped their interest in the playroom!

Good luck on your organization projects this fall! It’ll feel so great once you accomplish your goals, and your family will appreciate it to!


Favorite Music | Sheet Music Sale


You know what music I’ve been listening to lately while I’m cleaning or just around the house? I found an amazing station on Pandora that’s purely instrumental music, and I’m loving it! Its such a fun style, and I like how upbeat it is!

What’s your current favorite music & genres right now? Is there any new artist you’ve recently discovered that you connect with?

Well whatever your particular taste, one style that is universally enjoyed is inspiring music! Speaking of inspirational music, I wanted to let you all know about a special offer I have to share! I will be extending the sale on my website for sheet music, and if you want to purchase the music it will be available at a significant discount–only $1 per song!

Right now I currently have inspirational piano solos, piano & violin duets, and vocal & piano ensembles to choose from!

Please share this with your friends who would be interested in this limited offer, too! Enjoy!


First Week Back To School Tips

Typical student desk with notebook and crayons

Well we did it! We went back to school, and we made it through the first week—whew! My kids were actually really excited to go back, especially with all their back-to-school shopping! So here’s a few tips that I’d like to share on how we eased back into the school routine, and also a few tips utilize organization to help keep the momentum going!

Setting Schedules  

During the summer, we seriously had a free-for-all when it came to bedtime! Some days were good, and others, we stayed up late, especially since the sun didn’t go to bed until 9:30! So it was a move to get on a sleeping schedule and routine! At our house, we are implementing a 9:00 bedtime, and we wake up between 6:30-7:00 a.m. This can look different for everyone depending on your ages and own personal preferences, but it’s nice to be consistent, and then eventually your body naturally develops a waking/sleeping rhythm!

Also, it’s important to set your schedules for all of your extra-curricular activities. For us we plan a schedule around dance classes, homework tutoring, activity days(our church’s children’s activities) piano lessons, and my personal piano studio. So keeping track of what happens on what days is certainly important in setting up your schedules.


Routines are also helpful! We have a routine where after dinner, someone practices the piano, and the other helps with dishes and dinner clean-up. The kids know what to expect, and then it’s not a fight. It’s just a routine–what we do all the time! Bedtime routines are also helpful, especially if you do the same thing in the same order every night. For us, it’s brush teeth, pick our outfits for the next day, quick room clean-up, read scriptures, say prayers, and then bed. 


One thing that I like to do this time of year is to pick a project or two that has to do with organization. My recent projects were going through all of my girls clothing and storing or donating things that are too small or out of season, and then clearing out their closets and dressers for new clothing that fits and is in season. My other project is cleaning and organizing the toy room. For me, picking one or two projects is easier to handle and not be overwhelming, rather than saying that I’m going to organize the entire house–which is not realistic right?

Other Tips

Some other things I’d like to share on this time of year is to just have a day of no activities. I know, I just said ‘no activities.’ But the reason is, we do need down time! This time of year with school starting, it can be refreshing to have nothing planned on the calendar for the day. Try it and see if it makes a difference!

I hope you have fun coming up with your own routines, schedules, and organization projects this time of year, and be sure to try out some of these tips to help transition smoothly back into school!